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Meet the team

The team at OSA believes that the technology, skills and industrial base to meaningfully contribute to space exploration are now within the reach of small teams of passionate individuals.

We want to work hand in hand with the community to enable new fields of collaboration and engage people into citizen science by unlocking their talent.

James Parr

OSA Founder

James is a designer and entrepreneur who loves applying technology (and ingenuity, when it's available!) to tackle knotty problems. 

Jon Rushton


Jon is a creative designer who tries to solve social and environmental problems with a hands-on approach.

Jordan McRae


Jordan is an inventor and an engineer with a special interest in technology development in clean technology.


Anchal Bassi

Program Manager

Anchal is a talented business strategist with a creative and resourceful mind. She knows how to take a project from great to fantastic.

Stefan Kueppers


Stefan is a designer and technologist who enjoys mixing up creative thinking & making. 

Emma Hollen

Community Manager

Emma is a jack-of-all-trades, believing in knowledge and innovation as means of peace for humanity.